You became an entrepreneur in order to build something special—a business that expresses your unique talents, interests, and purpose.

And yet…

You sometimes get this “stuck” feeling, like there’s something holding you back. 

  • Instead of doing the type of work that really lights you up, you’re spending most of your time on projects that don’t truly interest or inspire you.
  • You’re struggling to stand out, serving customers who see you as a commodity and don’t seem to recognize the unique value of your particular solution.
  • You feel like you’re constantly chasing prospects, trying to convince them why they should work with you, and being pressured to reduce your prices.

To build the type of business that lets you do the work you love for customers who truly appreciate the value you bring, you need to figure out:

- Your unique offering: Identify your strengths and interests, so that you can focus on the types of products, services, and projects that matter to you most.

- Your competitive advantage: Develop your positioning strategy—that sweet spot between your strengths and the needs of your ideal customers—so you can set yourself apart from the competition.

- Your strategic narrative: Craft a brand story that focuses on your ideal customers’ problems and how you’ll solve them, so that your marketing and sales messaging is always on target.

This workshop will help you:

  • Start to design your business around your unique talents, interests, and purpose.
  • Get more clear about your business vision, so that you have a compelling target to move toward.
  • Bridge the gap between where your business is today, and your vision of where you want it to be tomorrow.

Course curriculum

    1. Build the Business You Were Born to Create

    2. Please Tell Me a Bit About Yourself

    1. Your Unique Offering

    2. Defining Talents, Interests, and Purpose

    3. Why Playing to Our Strengths is Critical For Entrepreneurs

    4. What’s Blocking Us From Playing to Our Strengths

    5. How to Turn Things Around

    1. Your Competitive Advantage

    2. Defining Positioning Strategy

    3. What Blocks Us From Developing a Strong Positioning Strategy

    4. How to Turn Things Around

    1. Your Strategic Narrative

    2. Defining Strategic Narrative

    3. Why a Strategic Narrative is Critical For Entrepreneurs

    4. What Blocks Us From Developing a Strong Narrative

    5. How to Turn Things Around

    1. Strengths, Positioning, and Messaging—The Path to Your Ideal Business

    2. Want Some Help?

    3. I'd Love Your Feedback on This Workshop

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